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Move Music Without iTunes

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Mar 16, 2012
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Hi, just got ipad3 my first ipad.
Does anyone no if u can transfer music from pc to ipad without itunes?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, Tom. Sorry that I can't help, but hopefully, someone will be along to help you with your question.

I'm just posting to tell you that I've made your question its own thread. That's because it's considered poor forum etiquette to jump into another's thread (on a completely different topic) and interrupt to ask your own question. It's also against our rules...

So, please, use this thread to keep an eye out for help or to add any updates about your problem.

With that, I'm deleting your other posts on the same topic (all in another's tread). Thanks for your understanding.

Moderator, iPadForums.net
Hi Tom-

You may be able to upload our music to Google cloud and use the app Google Music Beta. You could than access our music when you have access to the Internet. There should be a way to be ale to than download to your iPad.

Here the link to the itunes appstore for google music. App Store - gMusic: A Google Music player
If your iPad is jailbroken,you can use iFile or iFunbox to transfer music from PC to iPad.
Or you can sync the music to iCloud then download them to iPad.
By the way,once I wanted to copy a voice memo to my iPad,
I used iPad Recorder to record it directly...
It sounds silly but it works well.
If you want to copy few songs,
you can try this.:eek:
Thanks for everyone's input; we always appreciate members helping each other out.

However, this is an old thread. Either the original poster has found the answer elsewhere or has moved on (last post was in May 2012).

Therefore, this thread is closed. Thanks for your understanding.

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