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Mar 5, 2012
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When accessing our mail on the ipad 2, the messages are opened in the right side of the screen. I have selected "None" for preview in the settings, but the messages are still automatically displayed. Is there anyway that I can select which messages to open, in order to prevent possible viruses invading the ipad?

Do people purchase anti-virus and optimizers for the ipad like we do for desktop PCs?


You can't set the Mail app to stop displaying messages when you open it. AFAIK, the Mail app will open up to the last e-mail you had open - or will show the first received e-mail if your mail box was empty when you last closed it. There is no changing that behavior.

However, as FreebirdForever said, there are no viruses that work on the iPad at this time. Not to say there won't be in some future, but thanks to Apple's sandboxing programming, there aren't any.

Hope this reassures.

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Thanks for asking this question. I was wondering the same thing myself (about whether or not you could turn the automatic opening of messages off). Not for virus protection (because as it's already been explained, that's not necessary at this point) but just out of sheer annoyance! :)
Thanks everyone.

It's such a relief to know that ipads can't get viruses.

Thanks again.


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