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Ipad 2 gmail message problem


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Jan 2, 2012
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I access my gmail account on my desktop, my blackberry & now my Ipad 2. I am having some problems.

1. Most of my messages are going straight to the "trash" mail folder. A few are going to the "all mail" folder but none are going to "inbox", where I think they should be. I have looked on mail settings on the Ipad and can't seem to find anyway to fix this problem. Any suggestions?

2. I want to save some travel-related emails to the "travel" mail folder so I have moved them from "all mail" to "travel." However, it seems to not actually move the emails but to copy them instead. They appear in both folders now. When I try to delete them from "all mail", they also delete automatically from "travel". Again, any suggestions?

I appreciate any help with these issues. They are driving me crazy!

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