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M.A.M.E. For iPad OS

Sonny Burnett

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Mar 7, 2010
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Boston, MA
There is already a port of M.A.M.E. (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) for OS X 10.4.x, are there any rumors about an iPad version yet? I think that it would be great to play all of those classic arcade games on a tablet. The only issue would be how would you control the game characters?

Any thoughts?
Far as i know this Emulator come out some time ago for Iphone ....

Do you know how the controls work? For instance Robotron 2084 uses 2 joysticks. How would those controls be implemented in a touch screen device?

I don't have an iPhone, but I do have a Palm Pre(screen sizes are about the same) and I can't imagine playing a game that has 2 8 position joysticks for original controls on it. Do you know of any sites that have screen shots of MAME on the iPhone?
You'll likely need to be "rooted" to use this app, I don't see Apple approving a MAME emulator :(
you have to jailbreak your ipad to run any game emulator.

I tried Mame4iPhone a while back on my 3G and it had really slow performance and the sound emulation was terrible! Maybe they've improved it since then, but I've heard it will not run on the ipad for some reason.

For console retrogaming on the ipad, I highly recommend the Snes4iPhone emulator By the same developer can use either the touchscreen or a Wii-mote paired over Bluetooth. Works great on ipad! And you can download the Roms directly from the app via a built in web browser.

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