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Itunes match is the worst!!!!!


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Aug 8, 2010
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Matthews NC
Alright! that was a little harsh. I tunes match is a pretty good service, but I do have some issues with it.
While it is nice to save the 64gb of space for movies on my iPad, my 2gb data plan has taken an extreme hit as of late. iTunes match was able to match about 4800 songs of my 5300 total. The only problem is, that Apple in their infinite wisdom decided to let me have my songs back at a full 256kb sample rate, which means my once smallish 3-5mb songs suddenly become 5-8mb downloads. I have already gone over my 2gb limit, upgraded to 3gb and I have almost pegged that out. I appreciate the high bit rate sampling of my new library, but for downloads over 3G Apple should reconsider going to a lower Sampling rate in order to preserve download quotas, not too mention most 3g in charlotte is not fast enough to keep up with the streaming...........The only other problem I have is that about 70% of my "adult/explicit" lyrical songs were replaced by the clean versions from Apple.

All in all I love the iTunes match service I just hope they can make a few tweaks to the file sizes......


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May 7, 2010
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Miami, FL
You still have your original lower bit rate files on your computer that you can transfer back to the iPad.

I actually like the higher bit rate.(glad I held onto my unlimited 3G plan)

Also remember that if you have a playlist of music that you always listen to, It shouldn't be downloading every time you play them. the iPad saves a copy of the played iTunes match music in cache. What this means is that you play it once and it downloads, you play it again and it play's it from the iPads cached files. Once the iPad needs more space, it will start replacing the cached music as new ones are needed to be downloaded.

also on a side not, I just recently got a new mac and loved how all I did was sign into iTunes and hit the button to download all my music and now all 5,000 plus songs are loaded onto the new computer.
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