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Issue with multiple ipad devices


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Mar 16, 2012
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I understand there are already lost of threads about multiple apple products on a single apple id and pc however i have no knowledge of these things so was hoping someone could answer basic questions for me.

1 - If i sync 2 ipads to a single account, will i need to turn off all automatic syncing to assure that each ipad is not wiped of its apps each time another one is synced as it will sync an entire library each time?

2 - Will everything in the library be available to both devices

3 - if an app is deleted on a device, when that device is synced will the app still remain on itunes?

4 - If apps are shared, will each ipad be able to save at different points (levels) within the game. I.e. - I have completed angry birds however my GF will now want to have that App on her new ipad so will want to play the game from the start, When she syncs this app from itnues onto her new ipad, will the game progress also transfer or is that only stored on my ipad.

5 - if we decide that she is to have a seperate Apple ID and therefore Itunes account, will any of the apps that we have bought already be able to be transferred onto her account as we will be using the same PC?

I understand that there are very basic questions to which i am sure many of you have answered many times but if you could help me out it would be a great help.

Also any tips an advice that you have picked up when dealing with multiple apple devices on a single apple account would be a great help.




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Apr 20, 2010
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Fort Wayne, IN
Welcome to the forum deacs09!

Generally speaking, the simplist answer is to use one iTunes, one computer, and one appstore id. With that in mind...
Your Questions:

1. Each iPad should have its own id. For example YouriPad and the second one HeriPad. I haven't tried synching two iPads that are both named the same. If that is the case, then when you sync, the system might prompt/ask you "are you sure?". In a Windows system, whenever I overwrite a data file, I get that query. As far as synching goes, whenever you sync, it will only synch the new information.

2. If you use the same app userid to purchase an app, then that app is installable on the second iPad

3. Yes. If you want to permanently remove an app, you have to delete it in iTunes.

4. It all depends. If you are playing a game via Game Center app, there is shared information through group games. But if you are playing a game just in the app, your results will not be shared with another iPad. Your girlfriend will have to establish her own results. If you have an app like Pages, you can create a document on your iPad and have it appear on your girlfriend's iPad. Book apps are the same. I use the Kindle app. When I read a book on one iPad and bookmark my place, I can go to another iPad (registered with the same app id), I can start reading where I left off on the new iPad.

5. Copyright prevents two distinct entities from sharing. If you bought an app with one appstore id, the second id will have to buy it using their own id. It gets even more complicated if you go this route, establishing two separate app store ids., when updates become available. Purchasing apps using one id is key.

I hope this helps you understand. I'm not suggesting that you break any rules regarding apps. Apple is very generous about how many times you can install an app on various devices--just as long as you stay in one userid.
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Nov 18, 2010
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I have an iPad 1 and 3, and noticed that with some games (e.g., Sky Gamblers), you can't have your own nick/profile. If I change it on mine, then the user playing on the other iPad receives the same nick. Is there a way around these type of issues?

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