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"ipad you make me so mad".. ipad poetry..


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May 28, 2010
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Fort Worth, TX
So I end up saying this is great but if only it had... So and so..
Its not a problem to criticize the iPad's shortcomings, and perhaps ask if there are workarounds. That doesnt really bug anyone. Its the constant complaining about it and saying the same things over and over that makes everyone tired. We get it. The iPad isn't perfect. We know.


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May 26, 2010
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I saw the title, and saw the poster
and immediately was filled with dread.
For Ultrimate was at it again,
with another iPad-bashing thread.

He purchased the item on an impulse, a whim,
yet it's WE who suffer buyer's regret
for he's joined our ranks to rail with vigor and vim
and no signs of slowing yet.

Should we be surprised he didn't know it won't Flash?
He doesn't know it has spellcheck either.
After all it also does grammar check,
and hey, he don't use that neither.

We don't know why he got it. Popularity? Looks?
Maybe he's a student or gamer,
(But one thing is certain, it clearly wasn't to read books)
Perhaps because he IS the ultimate... lamer.

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