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"ipad you make me so mad".. ipad poetry..


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Jun 10, 2010
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I wrote this on my ipad to get out my frustration, I still kinda love the ipad but just upset, so here is me venting poetically...

ipad ipad

you make me so mad

i thought i would be able to surf with flash

and to think I saved up all this cash

and why do all these apps always crash

to buy you, I saved a long time

and now I write this in notepad thinking of stupid poetic rhymes

Steve Jobs got cancer, but I wish he went blind

So he never influenced this ipad that finally came out after all this time

and do you know he has never even donated a dime

ipad ipad

I really thought your were the best

So I choose to finally invest

but why cant I play yahoo chess

Some say I should just give this a rest

but why do I need an app just to go to my favorite website

something just dont seem right

ipad ipad

you make me so mad..

Apple store wont refund my money,

I think I just been had...
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You didn't know exactly, exactly what the iPad did before you purchased it? How come? That's your bad. I thought you said somewhere you did know that the iPad could not support flash?

hmm....perhaps that was not you ~

I am sorry you are so sad though ~ but to wish someone poor health is pretty low, IMO. I have to say though ~ you have seemed to be getting along much better and you are not so mean and angry in your posts.:)
You're mad at the iPad, you're pissed at yourself
Sell it on eBay and restore your wealth.
I bought the ipad knowing its short comings. I did my research and now I am not all pissed off because it does not run like my netbook. I use it for what it is great at and use apps to help it do more. I love my ipad.

(sorry this did not rhyme, I am an attorney, not a poet)
If you hate your iPad why are you frequently posting in an iPad forum....is it just to annoy everyone else?
Yeah, I dont think the iPad is the most perfect computing ever created. Its good enough for my needs though. I knew what it could and couldn't do when I bought it. I was originally holding out to see HP and Google's offering, but when it became clear that those were going to be a while, I decide to go with what is here now. Sure, I wish it could do flash, but I'm willing to give that up for the portability and all the other things the iPad makes possible for me.
You do nothing but bitch, a pain in the ass
Quit annoying us on the forum, and get back to class
You were too stupid to check for Flash, before you bought
Now all of your posts, are just for naught
We tire of posters who do nothing but whine
If one person tells you you're an idiot, it means nothing...but if 100 tell you...it might be a sign.
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I say in the beginning that I still kinda love the iPad, it's just me venting poetically, wishing it could do more and pointing out it's flaws, what's wrong with expressing my pain thru poetry?

Look, iPad is a great gadget it just doesn't do some stuff that ppl wish it would and I think it makes a lot of ppl angry..
Look, iPad is a great gadget it just doesn't do some stuff that ppl wish it would and I think it makes a lot of ppl angry..

You were very nice in your response, btw! I don't know anyone that is angry at what it does not do ~ most that I know, and myself, we researched it pretty well so as not to be disappointed ~

For $903 bucks, I was sure.:D
We all know where the iPad lacks - its pretty well documented. It doesn't make me angry. I'm not angry that my civic cant go 200mph though that would be fun and I wish it could. I bought it because it gets good gas mileage and it very reliable. I knew when I bought it that it wouldn't be fast, so I never expected that from it.
To be honest I didn't research at all, I just spontaneous went out to apple store and bought it cuz I heard how great it is, and thought I couldn't go wrong.. But when i found it it couldn't do flash I was like WTF? But it wasn't enuff for me to return it as it does lots of other things that make up for it.

But even of it's shortcomings I still don't regret of buying it, it's great for surfing the net, very portable and lots of apps are great as well..

But if another tablet comes out for the same price that can do lots of the things that iPad can't, then I think I acted to soon when i bought the iPad.

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