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iPad, years in the making


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Mar 25, 2010
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An interesting story I found, tells of how Steve Jobs has shown off the bits and pieces of the iPad design over the past several years. The milled aluminum case and the glass screen was introduced in the 2008 MacBook Pro. Over the past few years, Apple has show bits and pieces of what became the iPad. In essence, perfecting the design components and software long before it was introduced. When you think of Apple secrecy and how they dd this under everyone's nose, you have to admire the shear gall.
I doubt they had it in mind all along. More like taking the parts they have lots of stock of and making good use of it ;)
There was some software that was introduced in 2007 that made little sense for the existing product line, but clicks well with the iPad. It is not hard to think that Jobs has been planning this for a long time. It takes years to develop a product this complex. There are probably several new devices that are in the pipeline, and none of them may see the light of day.
Cant remember where, but I can swear I heard that Apple had the tablet idea in the works for the last 8 years. Quote "the idea"!

Apple probably has more stuff in the closet that, when technology allows, will be presented to us! Doesnt that make you wanna be a fly on the wall sometimes??
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Have you ever heard of the DynaBook?

If you really wanted to pick small points that this gentleman got right 38 years ago and would mimic most of all the iPad is, this would be the device.

Cool story about the DyaBook can be seen here and many other places, it even has it's own Wiki entry. :p

If I hadn't known better, I would say Steve Jobs had a look see at this device concept years ago and immediately began his legacy to see it's release come to fruition.
thats pretty wild! looks like this was a silicone valley idea that took quite a few technological advances to make it reality.
The concept goes back to pre-Jetsons and Star Trek, both of who had similar devices.
How cool...but the article was actually wrong in some places.

Here is what Kay got wrong, as far as the iPad is concerned:
- Users can write their own programs for the device
- Battery can be recharged via a network connection
- Data input also based on voice input
- Cassette- / floppy-based data storage
- Power only consumed during state changes of the display and not during viewing of content (although this technology already exists today in form of certain epaper devices)
- Kay viewed the Dynabook as a content creation and viewing device, while the iPad is mainly a content viewing device.

1) What do you think is in the app store? Those apps don't write themselves! LOL!
2) Technically a USB connection is a local network connection. Twisted pair was the only means of data flow in `72 so he was technically correct on that one...he basically meant connect to a computer to charge, not just a wall outlet.
3) ummmm, google app has voice commands! And I'm sure the next version will implement voice on the device like the iPhone
4) Portable solid state drives would be todays equivalent of Cassette/Floppy storage.
5) This is the only of the incorrects that is incorrect in this article.
6) Really? I created a spreadsheet while watching tv on the couch the other day...and I create blog posts all day. Right again! Oh yeah and did the author forget about all the music and blog apps and iWork altogether??

Cool article, just wish the author actually owned an iPad and didn't just go on speculation.
I Agree it takes years of R&D to get to final stage. When they were developing the iPod touch this became an extension of the project big problem years ago was the cost of memory and chips available.
One thing I can remember is when you wanted to upgrade your computer about once a year (want doesnt mean you did, just you wanted to). The difference in performance year to year was truly amazing: processor speed, memory, graphics, HD size, etc. These days you basicly buy a new computer when the old one is dying, there haven't been too many really great changes, just kind of incremental things but nothing compelling to make you part with your money. I believe this is part of the reason for the slowdown in pc sales. They are replaced more than they are upgraded. Now you can own the same laptop for a few years and not really feel like your missing much, compared to say 10-15 years ago, when the processor speed difference in a few years time would be amazing.

But the Ipad is a revolutionary device. It's one of those Iwant it things. When's the last time you wanted a new computer device because it was really different from what you had? Probably the Iphone lol.

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