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  • I shot a feedback to you at your website about developing a gel or silicone case with a cut-out for docking. I have not seen anyone else out there with this and thought it would be a nice industry first for you guys.

    I really wanted to get one of your cases, and watt at your site to order, when I thought about the keyboard dock that i had already ordered and so I did not order.

    When you say sling bag, what exactly are you talking about?

    The iPad with the Soft Gel cover can not be put inside the Sleeve cases very easily. The Sleeve cases were made so the iPad does not move around in it. Any extra millimeters will make it difficult to take it in and out of the Sleeve.

    The screen protector and soft gel cover would be a great combo. You can use the Sleeve case itself since it covers the screen but we'd recommend a screen protector also since it reduces glare and fingerprints.

    If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact us!
    i have a few question for you ..

    1-screen protector unit it just design to fit on the screen and the screen it self without a lot of basic makeing it fit .

    2- hard gel shell unit i was thinking of useing that along with a sleve unit to protect the ipad unit inside the sling bag ..or would the screen protector and the hard gell outshell cover be enough inside the bag to protect it when traveling along the daily uses of the unit .
    3- or get all three units for the protecting the ipad unit with screen protector and gel hard outer cover and slip pad for three way protection when in the bag..
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