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iPad wedgepad stand review


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Dec 7, 2011
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I’ve had my wedgepad bean bag stand for 9 days and here are my impressions so far. I chose to go with the white trim and white straps version so that the straps don’t clash with my white iPad 2. After 9 days i don’t think i have taken my iPad off the wedgepad.

The wedgepad is made out of black microfiber material, similar to the bottom side of the Apple Smart Cover. It’s smooth to the touch and can be used to wipe the screen down but not recommended since there are far better accessories to wipe down your screen.

I’m not an expert but the stitching is tight and clean with no visible threads. The wedge pads overall construction is solid and appears to be well thought out and put together.

There is a zipper on the underside on the bean bag that houses the little white pellets that fill the wedgepad. DO NOT OPEN IT:mad:. As other reviewers stated, the beads will virtually explode out of the wedgepad if you open it.

The elastic straps do a very good job of holding my iPad in place and works just as well on my ipad 1 as my ipad 2. But just as Asharp stated in his review http://www.ipadforums.net/ipad-diy/8213-ultimate-couch-potato-ipad-stand-8.html#post376099 the traps do obscure the power button. It doesn’t bother me too much as i can still turn the iPad on and off while obscured.

The copy on the company’s site says that it can be used at a 45 and 35 degree angle but I'm guessing those are just ballparks since you can pretty much mold the wedgepad into a variety of angles. I found it fantastic for typing while resting it on my lap when it’s on the bottom side (the 35 degree side).

Did i mention that this thing is light, i mean super light. It can’t more than a couple ounces. I haven’t left the house with it yet but it’s light weight and small size made it easy to squeeze into my rickshaw messenger bag and left plenty of room for all my other accessories.

Love it.

It’s a little crunchy, makes a noise similar to what you hear when you sit on a bean bag chair.
Does not provide any screen protection.
My $70 Dodocase is pretty much useless now.

Really convenient for around the house use. On the coffee table or lying in bed.
Very light and portable.
Comfortable to type on.

Bottom Line
This is by far the best iPad accessory i own. And i own lots. If you use your iPad while watching TV or reading in bed then this is a must have. And for 27 bucks, why not.

TL;DR 8.5/10

(i will upload some pics later tonight)
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