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Tracker case


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May 23, 2010
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Nanaimo, BC, Canada
If you looking for a computer case for your iPad this case is great for the price Tracker 7-10" Small Laptop Briefcase - Low Prices for Luggage, Backpacks, HandBags, Accessories - Onlinebags

I always carry my iPad in a leather case and it fits in this bag along with all my accessories including my Griffin iPad stand. This is a great bag if you want to pack along all your iPad stuff. The main section of the bag has two compartments, one compartment has a strap to hold in your iPad, the sections are lined with nylon and padded. The front zippered section of the bag folds out and has one zipper pocket, a phone pocket with a Velcro strap, two open pockets and pencil/pen holders. I purchased the case my local Bentley store in Canada for $24.00.

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