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    iPad stuck in DFU mode, won't restore, itunes 4014 error

    My iPad was working well till the recent update 10.3.3 came out and I decided to update it. It failed to update and said an error occurred after that it started acting funny and wouldn't connect to the Wifi even after I entered the correct password. So I decided to restart it and try updating...
  2. S

    Error 3194, cannot seem to restore no matter what I do

    So when trying to restore my jailbroken iPad, I continue to get the message: The iPad "iPad" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (3194). Now, I've been following this guide: TUTORIAL - Failsafe method to restore the current version of IOS along with some other guides, but I have...
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    Erase iPad2 and start from scratch

    My son attempted to jailbreak his iPad last year, I'm not sure if he did or not but we had major problems. Thanks to the help of you wonderful people we were able to get it working again. While it was jailbroken/having problems it was connected to iTunes and we can't remember if it synced...
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    Unable to restore due to error 9 - fixable hardware problem?

    Hi, everybody I'm having serious problems with my ipad. Few weeks ago I started getting BSoD but it was only yesterday I got the change to connect with iTunes on a mac to try to restore it. I got it connected and tried restoring both in regular restore and in dfu mode, but I always get "error...