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iPad is Great, iTunes is not.


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May 27, 2012
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The idea that you have to have a special program just to swap files is insane. If there was an equally-powerful Android version of the aviation program that I needed this for in the first place, I'd be outta here so fast the air would crackle. Android pads are cheaper and if you plug one into any computer with a USB port, it thinks the Android is a drive -- you don't have to load software (which can be a problem on a shared computer, school computer, work computer, library computer, friend's computer, computer running non-Apple or non-Windoze OS, older computer without a lot of empty drive space, etc). iTunes is an obstacle between the computer and the iPad, turning a simple, 1-minute task into five minutes worth of administrative annoyance. I am so disgusted with it that I will not buy another Apple product which can't be seen as a plug-and-play drive on a computer that has no special software.

I agree with you. I want to change the photos on my iPad and it's going to take me at least a half hour. By the time I back up the photos on my iPad then remove the ones I don't want there then add the new photos, create more folders and remove others it will probably take at least a half hour. I am seriously considering buying a different brand of tablet, getting real tired of Apple's restrictions.

Ser Aphim

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Nov 7, 2013
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I have no problems with apple. iTunes work perfectly fine for me IF my windows laptop wasn't a complete trash.

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