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ipad/ipod cables


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Jun 21, 2010
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I want to build my own cable with the ipad jack on one end and a guitar cable input jack on the other. I have an old ipod cable (USB on the other end). The connection points on my ipad cable are different from the ipod cable - but would the cable work on the ipod?
Greetings, not sure if you still need an answer, but they do make a cable exactly as you would like. iRiffPort & iRiggPort are the two... depending on what you want to do would determine which you would choose. Example... iRiffport will allow you to hook to an amp/speaker sound system to play thru the apps that can be bought thur AppStore. iRigg will only allow you to hear your playing as you play and/or play along with your tunes. There is no 'line out' on iRigg to allow for sound system hook up.

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