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IPad could have been much better


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Oct 1, 2010
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I like my Ipad. It is the simplest of them all; the 16GB Wifi only. It cost $500. Depending on how you view things, this may be way too much to pay or a bargain. After six months, I would say it would have been priced reasonably if Apple had incorporated features that are ubiquitous on most wireless devices. Apple has opened the door to competitors that will surely have more features although the application list will be limited but the Android OS has shown how vulnerable a company can be when they limit what consumers want.

That being said, this is my short list that would have made the IPad (even my low end version) very hard to challenge.

  1. Put a GPS chip in every model. I can buy a brand new Garmin for $100 that has a color screen, text to voice, etc. with a robust GPS chip. Considering all the parts that comprise any dedicated GPS device and the falling prices with advanced functionality, the GPS chips themselves are probably one of the lowest cost components. A-GPS is close to useless. It is more of an annoyance on my cell phone than waiting for a signal lock on satellites. So many people argue that no one would want a GPS device this big. I don't know about that. Realtors for one may find it useful. Getting a big picture of a new town would help sales people and consultants instead of looking at a tiny cell phone screen.
  2. Memory. One little SD card slot. I know the camera kit allows this connection but only to view photos. What if I wanted to load up on applications. I could buy a card that would allow me to offload some apps but still have them available when I want. I could import or export documents, video, photos, etc.
  3. Built-in Webcam. What laptop doesn't have one? It's a wifi device. The size of the screen is perfect for Skype, video conferencing, etc.
  4. Multitasking. I know that is supposed to be released in OS4.2. What did they expect people to do when using an app and they hear the new email "ping".
  5. Bluetooth syncing with my home PC. Maybe I am lazy but I could really do without the Bluetooth if all I can do is connect headphones and/or a keyboard. It would be useful if my calender, contacts, Itunes,etc. could be synced wirelessly. Letting it talk to any bluetooth enabled device. That is why bluetooth was created so devices across platforms and functions could operate/communicate wirelessly.
That is most of what I think would make the IPad great not just pretty good. None of them would add little in cost of parts. The programming would have been done during development. These features would greatly expand the applications by giving developers even more tools to utilize.

Is it just me that thinks Apple did a good job when they should have done a great job? They didn't set they bar so high that others can't leap past them. They were first out of the gate and have been very successful. By not going all out just to be first, their potential competitors get free access to the market data it needs to produce a better product.

Good points, but like any other company they are out to make money, hence selling seperate 3G models at a higher price, and as for things like webcam there is no doubt the next model will have a camera of some sort, they would never make it as good as it can be becuase then they would have nothing to put into the next generation as technology moves along, and steve jobs has said that they are working on wireless syncing.

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