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Files have been deleted from an app

Drew wal

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Jul 15, 2012
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I downloaded this above app ( vdownloader+) quite a while ago, I had initially used the free one that was available, then decided to purchase the full app for a few quid to allow me additional capacity over the limited free one.

Everything had been working fine, it had allowed me to create several sub categories for music, films, videos, personal media etc and I'd even downloaded the very same app onto my iphone 5.

All has been well, the app allowed me to view previously stored or downloaded media in offline mode as per the functions allowed on the app.

But, and there's always a but!, for some reason this morning I've opened the app to find ALL of the files have disappeared , every single personal video I'd downloaded including music, films etc has just disappeared completely.

I've tried re-downloading the media again, but this time the app won't even let me creat sub folders, won't allow me to creat a playlist and for some strange Aston is no longer available on App Store.

Furthermore , it wasn't that long ago the app had an update via iTunes, and that update hadn't compromised any of the contents at the time.

This has moderately p'eed me of to say the least, I wasn't expecting something like this to happen, especially with a paid app.
Unfortunately the contents of the app such as files etc dont get backed up to iTunes when I connect it to the pc, they remain solely on the device within the app data, non transferable , which doesn't bother me so much, it's just the fact that everything's just gone from within the app on the ipad.

Now, given a rare but plausible theory that the new year may have played some part in maybe a software glitch causing such a disaster I decided to check the contents of the app on my iphone 5 , some of which are the same on both devices, and surprise surprise the contents are still there, yet I have noticed I am unable to creat sub folders now on the phone also.

For some reason the app is unavailable on iTunes, I have difficulty in finding out who the devs are, and I cannot find any info regarding said app online.

Has anyone downloaded,used and is experiencing difficulties with this app now?

It's a shame that it did cost me a few ££ and was or still is, despite current issues a good app.

Any help would be appreciated folks, meanwhile, enjoy your new year.

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Hi Scifan, Happy new year to you :) ,

Alrighty, I've found the app you have imaged , but that one is by a different developer to the one I have.
The one I had downloaded was dev'd by : DreamDevlasers

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As to why your app is no longer in the AppStore, it could have been pulled by Apple or removed by the developer. With the app missing from the AppStore, there's not much you can do. Your problems with the app may have something to do with it's removal from the AppStore. You may have to try another app, such as the one I mentioned.
Well , that's a shame , although how do app devs gain access to ones device to make such changes ? , and this still doesn't explain as to why it's only affected the ipad version and not the iPhone .
At £2.99 or so I'd at least expected some kind of notification from ITunes with any intentions if they were going to pull it , means shelling out for another app , which may just do the same again ....!!!!!

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Maybe the app required a connection to the App developers server to work and when the app was removed from the App Store that support was lost.
Here's a thought. Is the app contained in a backup of your iPad in iTunes on your computer? If so, try deleting the app from your iPad and sync your iPad with iTunes on your computer to re-download it to your iPad.
Sorry for the delayed response .

Yes the app is still in my iTunes back up , but I fear that by un-installing & reinstalling may erase data again saved within the app itself .
I guess I could try it , but there have been functionality restrictions across both apps on each device , I'm wondering if the devs have acquired access without an update and removed data accordingly . Just seems odd how data on one device is deleted yet on the other the data remains , & functions have been limited on both at the same time , mmmm strange me thinks :-(

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