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Ipad and Outlook synced once but won't resync


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Jan 27, 2011
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I set up my itunes to sync my calendar and contacts to my new ipad. It worked beautifully. I have since added entries to both my desktop Outlook calendar and my ipad calendar. When I sync my ipad it says that it is syncing with my calendar. But none of the new entries are synced in either direction.

I have 2 calendars in my Outlook. I have my regular calendar and my daughter's basketball calendar. I originally synced both of them. I have experimented with the syncing by changing the selected calendars in itunes. I then sync. The selected calendars change. If I say sync only the regular calendar, after I sync the basketball calendar is gone. If I add it back and resync the basketball calendar is back. BUT, NONE OF THE NEW ENTRIES ARE PASSED BETWEEN THE DESKTOP AND THE IPAD.


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