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Trouble syncing Outlook 2007 Calendar to iPad and iCloud


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Oct 19, 2011
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Everything was working fine when I used iTunes to sync my PC-based calendar to my iPad, but then I tried using iCloud, and now my iPad can't sync to my Outlook 2007 calendar.

I downloaded iCloud Control Panel, and am able to get the iPad to sync with iCloud. My iPad runs iOS5 and iTunes runs 10.5. My PC runs Windows 7.

But I can no longer get the iPad or iCloud to sync with Outlook. I can get the iCloud Calender to show up in Outlook, but the changes I make in Outlook are not reflected in iCloud or on my iPad. (Changes I make to iCal on my iPad are reflected in iCloud, but not in Outlook.) Also, I can see my Outlook calendar on my iPad, just can't make changes to it.

Plus, I've got duplicate entries on all 3 platforms: Outlook, iCloud and iPad. This is a mess.
+1 for these problems.

I think it started with iTunes update ? Before that everything seemed to work OK.

Has anyone found a solution ? Seems rather strange that increasing numbers of users are having the same issues.

It would appear that (iTunes + iPad/iPhone + iOS5 + Outlook 2007) adds up to Chaos
Did you ever get a solution? I'm experiencing the mess you describe.
I was experiencing the same thing everyone else is -- calendar, on pc, iphone, ipad, used to synch fine. Finally, I got this to work -- at least it appears so.

Go to Outlook, Help, Disabled Items
(something with icloud was disabled)
I enabled and restarted outlook and calendar began synching again.

Hope this helps.
I found that if Outlook is already running when Itunes starts up, then Outlook contacts do not sync to my Ipad.
Opening Outlook after starting Itunes and then running sync works OK.

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