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iPad 2 World Shipments


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Mar 19, 2011
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Oxford, MS
Now, that much of the capital world is in line for the prized demon possessing iPad 2, will Apple really be able to fluctuate stock more evenly? Meaning, will those ordered online begin to ship more swiftly? Will retailers receive larger stock than 4 pieces (mostly 16gb). Researchers are saying that Apple has enough material to make ample iPad 2's on until June, but will be see the fruit of that? I believe it's unfair for those of us that can't stand in mile long lines to have to wait weeks when we are paying the same prices. The supplies should support the demands. I understand the technological disadvantage of making sure proper orders are filled, but there should be some degree of priority. Orders made online at 1 PST should be filled before 4/6 7 PST. It's not fair.

Yes, there is a certain thrill of handing out in an Apple store and being able to receive "free email setup" (As if they won't do this anyway), but there is just a certain level of marketing caliber that I would expect Apple to respect.

But, I know many of you would say that they are doing it becasue they can. True, because I am torturing myself daily until April 26. My only release is this forum.

Now, that I have vented? Will we see more swift shipments. Many have recorded that their shipments have moved up to the 21, including me. Is this a general priority marker or is this Apple's fairness policy?

Respond as you may. I know I babbled.

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