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Ipad 2 keeps crashing


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Dec 5, 2011
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My Ipad2 since upgrading past IOS 7 has performed very poorly, both my browsers Safari and Chrome crash regularly mostly when reading online newspapers, since March I have been researching and trying all sorts of remedies and none work.
Two weeks ago I contacted Apple support one to one phone call I was advised to back up to my laptop then wipe my Ipad then restore my backup then re-install the latest IOS, this will/should work if not then it is a hardware failure. All this done my Ipad is worse, the get out with this advise is the bit about hardware failure, strange that as my daughter has exactly the same problem on her Ipad 2 which is only 3 years old. As far as we are concerned it's apples way of culling the old stuff with these IOS updates in the quest to getting us to buy the newI Ipads. Not for me my next tablet will be a Microsoft surface pro.
Your experience is not typical, many iPad 2 users, including myself have no problems at all. Also, the iPad 2 design is over 5 years old and any newer iPad will offer better performance as apps, websites, games, etc. Are optimized for newer hardware. That's the natural result of progress in the technology field. There's no nefarious scheme to sabotage older devices.
Before you make a final decision, I suggest you try the latest iPads at the nearest Apple Store.
Thanks for your input, but after spending the best part of this year trying to fix the problems caused by upgrading my IOS I have decided that Apple is responsible. My daughter has exactly the same problem on her ipad2 new innovations in technology should not be at the cost of culling the older units. How do you know what dodgy tricks Apple HQ are up too. My mind is made up Surface pro it is
The iPad 2 received 6 years of operating system upgrades, a very long time in the rapidly evolving world of technology. Every system is eventually left behind, as will the Surface Pro. Apple computers in general have much longer useful lives than the average Windows computer. One of my MacBook Pros was released with OS X Tiger and is currently running quite well on OS X El Capitan.

No technology company can support its older products indefinitely. There is always a time when the limitations of the hardware bring its ability to run the latest software to an end. The iPad 2 is the best supported iPad in the entire range, with the ability to run 6 different versions of iOS from iOS 4 to iOS 9.
A good point eloquently made, but why can I not downgrade to a previous IOS ? We do not use that many apps, and the pad is probably underused mainly my wife's facebook addiction and just general surfing with some online purchasing.
You can't downgrade because Apple won't allow it. Only iOS versions currently signed by Apple can be installed on any iOS device. This includes earlier versions of iOS for those devices that can't be updated to the latest version of iOS.

Apple wants to have as many users as possible running the latest version of iOS. Not allowing downgrades is the best way to ensure that. This also makes it easier for app developers as they can concentrate on the latest iOS version, usually with compatibility for a few earlier versions.
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