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Ipad 2/ios6 - calendar syncing with google - totally confused...


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Oct 30, 2011
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Yellowknife, NT Canada
Hi folks,
I am an old dog trying to learn new tricks and struggling. I am trying to find the current and proper way to setup 2 way sync of my iPad calendar to my google calendar. I have found over the last 6-9 months of Internet searches many different ways from creating exchange accounts, using google sync, creating a caldev account and I suspect I now have conflicts between these various approaches.
What is the current preferred way to setup google calendar and contacts sync with the native iPad calendar and contacts and then I want to start exploring multiple calendars to support shared family calendars. Thanks for your time. Mark
Sorry that noone has come to your aide! I only have two calendars to sync, one for work and then my personal calendar. About the only time I have to sync both is when I decide a vacation time. When I do that I invite myself to vacation and send the invite to my personal email. My calendar needs are really very simple. I hope someone else can reply back to help you.
Hi Matt

I think I got myself sorted out. Too many accounts, too complex. I deleted exchange, caldev, and iCloud accounts and left only my gmail account and turned on contacts and calendar handling and things started to sort themselves out.

I now have Sync 2 handling 2 way sync with my work exchange contacts and calendar to google and my iPad gmail account handling 2 way sync between google and my iPad native contacts and calendar. I this way I actually have 2 way sync between my work exchange and my iPad native contacts and calendar.

From here I can explore multiple calendars and I think I should be able to get to where I need to.



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