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Live sync pc to ipad with google calendar


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Jun 5, 2010
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Chilliwack bc Canada
Is it possible to have the standard calendar to live sync with my google calendar
I need two way
I add an event on my pc on google calendar. .. So it would show on my g3 connected ipad
I add an event on my ipad calendar ".................So it would show on my pc Google calendar

Or can the ipad calendar 2 way sync with outlook?

Or any pc calendar?

I own imailG HD. But this is not connected to the ipad data and not a quick load. And I pefer ipads calendar
The standard GMail account will sync your primary calendar with your iPad's Calendar app.

To sync multiple calendars you need to set the Gmail account up as an Exchange account.

Both methods use Push notifications, which means the calendars should update whether the apps are open or not. How well this works I don't know. I did not experimented much with this feature, and recently stopped using my Google Calendar all together.

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