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Problems getting my Google Calendars on my iPad


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May 3, 2011
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I am having problems getting my Google Calendars on my iPad. I have an
iPad2 iOS 4.3.2 (8H7). I setup my iPad calendar to sync to my Google
Calendar. My primary calendar worked fine but no secondary calendars
sync'd. I went to the two google sites to enable the calendars to sync on my device and found my calendars already selected for the iPad. I tried several times but could not get the
secondary calendars. I then deleted the Exchange account and tried to
recreate it. I added it 4 times before it finally stuck in Settings.
Now none of my calendars sync. I went to the calendar and setup
notifications/New Invitations. I checked both google sites above again
and they still show the calendars selected. I then setup my calendar
using a gmail account but no change. Any ideas?
Completely remove any Google accounts from your iPad, and start over.

Create the account as and Exchange account using these instructions:

Setting up Google Sync with your iOS device : Mail, Calendar, & Contacts - Google Mobile Help

When you finish go to m.google.com/sync on your iPad, sign in if necessary, select your device, and choose the calendars to sync. There should be separate setups for each device you've associated with the account, so make sure you're working with the right device.

It may take a while for the iPad to completely sync when you open the calendar app the first time. Be patient. Make sure all the calendars are checked to view by tapping on the Calendars button at the top left.

If the calendars don't show up after several minutes, go to the account and try turning the calendar switch off, then on again.

Through out all of this you should have a good internet connection.

Note: Setting up with the default GMail option will only sync with the primary calendar. It is not possible to sync with multiple calendars using this type of account setup.
Hi, just new to iPad so please bear with me. I have a iPad 32GB 3G . Can anyone please explain how I can get the calendar app on my iPhone to sync with my iPad and vice verse?
Have you followed twerppoets advice and installed Gmail on both the iPod touch and the iPad? That should keep the two synchronized, as long as the iPod touch events are on the Gmail calendar. If they are not, you can just edit the event, and change the calendar to your gmail account.
Hi, just new to iPad so please bear with me. I have a iPad 32GB 3G . Can anyone please explain how I can get the calendar app on my iPhone to sync with my iPad and vice verse?

You can't directly sync the device calendars to each other. Instead you have to sync each device to a common calendar. Gmail is a good choice as a syncing source. It also give you some extras, like the ability to review and edit your calendars in a browser.

MobileMe works even better (in some ways), but it isn't free like GMail. It isn't worth the price unless you need/want all the other features it offers (much more than calendar syncing). Even then, you can get most of it's features for free if you piece things together.

There are a couple other options, including syncing with your computer. I don't recommend that, since the calendars will only update when you sync with iTunes. Online syncing is much more useful.

If you already have an online calendar you may be able to sync with it. You need to check with your provider to see if they have a CalDAV or LDAP server with the calendar. If they do you can add a calendar Account in your Mail, Contacts, Calendar settings using the Other option.
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