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how to mirror one iPad to another iPad


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Dec 19, 2012
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I have an ipad 2 and an ipad mini. planning for a road trip with the kids and would like have the two ipads mounted on the back seats of the car. But would like kids to watch the same show on both ipads. One ipad would have a video and somehow stream or mirror the same video the ipad mini.
have read a few forums and googled a lot but no luck. hoping someone here can help.

the airplay apps like 'airview' wouldn't work as the ipad that is streaming the video does not show the video but rather projects it to the other ipad. I'm hoping for more of a mirror solution where the ipad screen is mirrored onto the ipad mini.

appreciate any advise.
I've got the same type of problem.

I'd like to mirror my iphone 5 to my ipad 2(or the other way) for using other as remotecontrol, when watching(=listening) youtube
videos through my hometheater system.
(Meaning: the other device would be connected to amplifier with 3,5mm plug-rci cable, and if the devise connected to amplifier could be mirrored, the otherone would then work as remote control).

And I do not have any laptop, so teamviewer does not apply(or does it?)

So far no glue about how to do that.


PS: do I get 5.1 sound out of my iphone/ipad or not?

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