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Airplay Mirroring and Real Racing II HD -- stutterfest?


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Mar 17, 2012
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So I fired up Real Racing II HD over Airplay Mirroring last night (on the new iPad), and basically it was half ok / half slide show.

The game would be smooth for 5 seconds, then 5 seconds of slide show / stuttering, then good for 5 seconds...rinse/repeat.

Infinity Blade II ran just fine with no hiccups, and I also have no issues with video playback...smooth as butter.

Naturally, when not running on Airplay, the racing game runs perfectly fine.

Anyone else try to run RR II HD yet over Airplay Mirroring with the new iPad?

I'm going to give this a try tonight if I get a chance to hook up the new Apple TV.
Is their a difference between starting AirPlay for a specific app and mirroring?

I haven't tried yet but would think if the app is AirPlay capable I would use that function rather than device mirroring.
It appears that mirroring must be enabled even when the app has built in support.
ElderDruid said:
It appears that mirroring must be enabled even when the app has built in support.

That sounds odd.

In that particular game doesn't your iPad and the airplay image on the TV differ in that the iPad becomes the controller or something?
ElderDruid said:
It appears that mirroring must be enabled even when the app has built in support.

Strange but true!

Did some light reading.....

Seems you complaint is not uncommon.

In vast majority of cases the problem is with wifi signal strength, router workload when trying to play, or interference from cordless phones, radio equipment, etc.

Can you see router client table when trying to play and how many bars is apple TV and your iPad showing for wifi?
I just tried this tonight. New Apple TV straight out the box and hooked up to my Belkin N Wifi router using Ethernet cable. Tried the new iPad and it ran smooth for 20 secs or so then stutters for a second or two then runs smooth again and keeps repeating. Tried my iPad 2 and it stutters more often but the stutters appear less severe.
Both work great over HDMI cable although the iPad 3 seemed to be visibly smoother. These test were in the same room as the wifi router with a perfect signal.
I didn't have any other games to try. Would love this to be flawless over AirPlay. Has anyone got an example of this running perfectly over AirPlay?

Sent from my iPad using iPF
I've download real racing hd. When i've played it for the first time, everything is fine. But after 1 day, i've tried playing again without altering any settings or changing controls set up, now my steering using gyroscope wont just work. Any help?

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