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How to backup iPad & iTunes?


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Sep 10, 2011
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Suffolk, UK
Im looking for advice on how to backup my iTunes music library, and my iPad.

I want to know whether I have got myself covered and everything backed up... Here's what im doing:

For iTunes I have got iTunes Match enabled. I believe this has got all my music backed up in the cloud, so if my computer went stupid and needed a re-install - I could just turn on iTunes Match and re-download all my music after re-installing iTunes?

Im not bothered about TV programs as I see they're all in my purchase history! I dont buy films... so

For my iPad I have got it to back up via iCloud including all the settings (camera roll, settings, app data etc) all the options available! Does this backup all my Apps or just the app data? Do I need to keep a copy of the 'mobile applications' folder in the iTunes media folder from my PC, on something like an external hard-drive?

Im just trying to back everything up as I have lost family photos in the past which has made me obsessed with backups!

Anything else?

Appreciate your help!!
- jamie
Sounds like you are covered pretty well. I mainly use iCloud for my iPad backups. My purchased music I also keep on my laptop and some USB drives. Good idea thinking about this, most people just don't take it seriously and then when it all goes poof they scratch their head like huh?


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