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Hey there


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May 30, 2010
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Hi I'm new to these forums,

I picked my iPad up instore at Southampton on launch. I had one on preorder but that was when the orders stated 7th June. So I went in bought one and canceled my order. But in my haste forgot to buy the case too opps.

I'm surprised no one had the user name Carl :D
Welcome to the site matey I'm new myself just picked up my iPad today, how are you finding her then?.
It's like a dream come true. I defiantly need the case for it so I might head into the store and get one tomorrow
Yeah a case is a must I'm just stuck for what one though.
Welcome Carl! You are lucky to have "Carl" still available.... And for having an iPad....

I see you are already interacting and posting... Good :)
These forums seem like a decent place to lurk :D

I'll be here for the long run, I'm also around on other forums. Aswell as updating my blog and my website (shameless plug for blog carl360.com)

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