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Hello all


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May 25, 2010
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Hello all you lucky ipad owners.

My name is sweet (irl) just registered and thought i'd drop in to say hello!

A bit about me and my ipad history.

I've been a PC user since i started fiddling with pc's and i still am a pc user. I got an iphone 3g the month they came out and absolutely LOVE it still even. when i saw the ipad announced via live coverage i thought to myself "why on earth would ANYONE buy a 500 dollar + giant iphone...

I was at best buy the other day to buy a blu ray and i noticed the ipad there so i humored it and went to play with it. i was amazed. I loved every bit of it from all my favorite casual pc games (plants vs zombie) to the internet browsing experience. They didn't have any in stock so i went home to order one online expecting it to take about a week since i knew my father had ordered one and got it in 6 days after order. well.... i ordered it and apple gave me an estimated ship date of june 11th... that was 2 weeks and 6 days. I was so upset haha so i had the apple store keep me on the wait list... so maybe that will pop before my ipad gets shipped! i hope so because im super excited to make my first post here with my new ipad 3g!

anyways, thats my ipad story i hope to have lots of fun here talking with all my fellow nerds!

Welcome! Glad you are with us....

I'm a PC person myself... but love my iPhone and iPad......

Hope your next obsession arrives soon, they are awesome....
Welcome on board sweet its a pleasure to meet you stay awhile settle in and enjoy our forum. We are here to advise help and discuss any thing ipad

Cheers from Australia Home for 30 million kangaroos oh and real people

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