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Hi from Australia


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May 18, 2010
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Hi everyone,

I just pre-ordered my iPad from the online Apple Store (not shipping here in Australia until the first week of June). I ordered just the 16 GB model because I already have a 32GB iPhone with a ton of music and music videos on it.

I don't plan on putting any of my music collection on it (imagine it'd be like have a boom box from the 80's on my shoulder if I did lol) and would probably put a movie or two on it only when I'm on a flight to somewhere.

My primary need for an iPad is as a personal organiser, diary, etc and to browse the web, shoot some email and read books. I'm a professional makeup artist so of course I'll keep an updated portfolio of my work on it as well (which I think is a huge benefit of an iPad).


Guess what? I cancelled my order for a 16GB :eek:

and I re-ordred the 32GB model instead :D I figure it probably is better to have that extra space.... you know just in case
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Welcome on board from Brisbane Australia Good to see another Aussie check out the international forum under regional forums. If I can assist let me know.
Aussie Aussie Aussie
Cheers Colin

Lots of fine Aussie here, and always room for one more.

As a Texan I relate to your beautiful country...
Welcome to the forum and good ideas on how ur gonna use ur iPad :)

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