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HELP! iPad2 crashing


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Mar 28, 2011
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New Zealand
Hi all,

Well the day has come. My iPad 2 is all of a sudden on the fritz and I feel like I've had my bloody arm chopped off! I really hope someone can help because its a 3G and it doesn't look like I can get back to a JB'd ver of iOS. :(

I'm on iOS 4.3.3 JBme 3.0. I think what follows is a pretty accurate run down of the tweaks I have installed but I can't be 100% because I can't get onto the iPad to check:
  • Action Menu
  • Activator
  • Auto Location
  • Black Keyboard
  • Browser Changer
  • BytaFont
  • FakeClockUp
  • FolderCloser
  • FullForce
  • Icon Renamer
  • IncarcerApp
  • ListLauncher
  • ManualCorrect
  • MultiIconMover
  • OpenSSH
  • RemoveBackground
  • SBSettings
  • WinterBoard
  • RetinaPad
  • 5-Row Keyboard for iPad
I don't use themes at all and other then using ByteFont to have some nicer font's my iPad looks pretty stock standard.

So here I was this morning reading Thomas the Tank engine on the iPad with Oscar, my 18 month old son. I've had the incarcerapp hack installed from some time but have never managed to get it working. This morning Oscar pressed the Home button once too many times and got on my goat so I decided to figure out why incarcerapp hasn't been working - a quick check of Cydia and I saw that an update was available. Actually I noticed that there were 10 updates available. Cool - So I choose update all and leave the iPad for a few minutes. I come back and Cydia is asking me to reboot. No problem I reboot.

My iPad goes off to the reboot screen and stays there. I wait 10 minutes then give up and hold home and power for 10s to do a hard reboot.

iPad comes back to the 'slide to unlock' and looks fine until I slide it - then it looks like this...

unlock.JPG unlock with some numbers pressed.JPG

And then once unlocked all the icons have been resized to some weird smaller size and have been spread out on many more pages of icons than I had originally. Also the bottom docked icons have changed and now there are only 4 instead of 6...

one page of icons.JPG

OK so it looks ugly. I could live with that. Well not for long. BUT major disaster when I run any app the whole iPad crashes:

edit: video removed (it was too ugly) it showed me tapping an app icon and the iPad going black screen then bleeding light from bottom edge then going to apple reboot logo.

I can't run any app at all. They all crash like in the video. I can't even open the settings app. The only thing I can get to is the SBSettings panel, but If I try to run any app from it, they crash as well.

Further to the crash, the iPad doesn't recover from it. It stays with the Apple logo indefinitely and I have to do another hard reset.

The good news, if there is any, is that I can connect to the iPad via FileZilla. I have no idea how or if it can be fixed but I sure hope someone here can help.


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Okay, the first thing is - from SBSettings, can you either

1) Press More, then Respring to see if the iPad goes back to normal

Or, if that didn't help

2) Select More and then select Safe Mode. This will allow most of the iPad "hinkiness" to stop so that you can get back to Cydia and uninstall one (or more) of those tweaks you just updated.

TBH, I'm hoping #1 works for you, because none of those tweaks you listed should have caused you troubles.

So, try the respring or the safe mode options. If you can get either to make the iPad appear normal, you'll be almost fine. Then, we can figure out how to get you to 100%.

Please see if this helps and let us know how you are doing.

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You have done a great job of giving us all of the info!
That really helps us help you.

Do what Mickey said and you should be good to go for some more story time!
Wouldn't you have to upgrade to 5 eventually? I would imagine none of our devices would work if we weren't updated to the latest software, yes? I am not familiar with the whole jail breaking process, maybe you can do anything you want with that.

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Marilyn, you are a legend!!! Respring worked and all is well - oh so lucky to have SBSettings installed I guess. Wish I knew what sent it crazy... was having major palpitations that I was gonna end up on iOS 5 and waiting for a JB for an aeon (well it felt like an aeon waiting last time!!!).

I can't figure out which of my cydia apps/tweaks were actually updated today... so it may be difficult to troubleshoot what went wrong.

Memo to self: Next time update one app/tweak at a time!

Thanks for your help!
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Yay! Glad to hear that all is well.

It may be that with 10+ updates, you just gave the iPad more than it could "chew" all in one go. So, I'd suggest either doing your updates by onside or twosies - or check for updates more often so you aren't tempted to do it all at once.

Regardless, I am very glad the outcome was positive.


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