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Hello so glad to be here


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Aug 11, 2010
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Somewhere not here
I finally have the iPad thanks to my wife being my 40th birthday.
I am also glad to have found this forum. I hope I can share my trials and tribulations here.

So just want to say HELLO!!!! to all here.

By the way, I made the first error today. I previously bought a nice More cover which is a snug cover the back of the ipad and sides. I went to purchase a iPad dock and realized that the cover doesn't fit. Now I have to do some modding to the cover, which is not a good thing because I am not good with this sort of stuff.

Anyway, will see how I go and see you around the forum. :)
Welcome to the forum and welcome to 'our' pain. I cannot tell you the number of times I have bought something 'neat' and then bought something else 'neat' and they do not play well with each other. Then comes the figuring/modding to make it happen.....
Sigh... I bought the dock thinking it will be more practical to clear some space off my desk as well to show off the "picture frame" function for inspirational photos when I am working. I am a designer so this function is so useful to me personally. To be able to do this together with charging my iPad this seemed the right buy.

I tried not to blame Apples restrictive dock design to have to have a naked iPad to be able to dock and charge, but if Apples own bAtman-like cover is the has the same issue, then I don't know what's going on at 1 Infinite Loop(y) :confused:.

If I also mod my cover it will become more flimsy over time without the supporting base thus rendering my cover's lifespan by half..more money needed to spend again.

On a more positive note, the iPad is astonishing good. As Woz says the iPad is a restart to computer generation and this new user experience is only the start to what Apple has come up with. Looking forward to see iPad's app and hardware development!! :ipad-keyboard:

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