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Google Calendar Starts Out Invisible


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Feb 11, 2012
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Rockville, MD
Whenever I launch the iOS 5 Calendar app (to which I have linked several Google Calendar calendars), it appears as blank and I have to toggle/check off the "All [my e-mail address]" button to get them to show up. Any idea why this is? Is there a fix?
It usually fixes itself after a few seconds. It's definitely a new iOS 5 glitch, but until you mentioned Google I though it was limited to people who are syncing with iCloud. Are you also syncing with iCloud, by chance?
Well, I'm not using iCloud for Calendars, but I am using it for Backup and Find My iPad. Maybe I'll disable it entirely, or maybe I'll go the opposite direction and starting syncing everything to iCloud (backing the whole shebang up first in the likely case it gets befouled in the process). Drat, I say, drat!!
My iPad 1 has had this issue since the upgrade to iOS 5. I have not found away to fix this.

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