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Going to the state fair today...

I will! About to take off now ~ if I never return ~ I melted.:D However ~ I don't drink beer ~ ever ~ except at the fair once a year ~ it is sooooooo cold and O.M.G.

Love it!
Looking for accessories at the state fair... It must be a California thing.

Someone needs to get out more!
I don' know... if I was a state employee who just got my pay cut to $7.25/hr, I would be kinda PO'd that the state still had enough money to put on state fair.

Is it just me???
Actually, the ones that I know are reduced to six something. And you are right, HOW can they put on the State Fair when they cut all the state workers?
we live in Ca it a stange place to work where there math is never the right type of math at times when it comes to state figureing and i give a reason why there math is stange

take a bottle of soda when you buy it at the food store it say a $.1.oo on sale but normaly it about 1.59.a bottle but you have to add in crv and sale taxs to the sale of that bottle of soda..so that 1.oo dollar soda now just cost you about $. 1.35. with tax and crv add to the price .. now go into a little mom and pop store the soda now cost a 10.cents more .do not ask why the tax is 10.cents more on a soda bought out of a 7/11 or am/pm but the tax system that is use .. inside the store the cost of a soda is about 10.cents higher than in a regular food store with there tax..

crv stands for Ca recycle value tax to so you are paying for the recycleing of the soda.

by the way i went to our fair down here in my county and i found a guy who is air brushing outer covers item for the ipad ..i going back tonight and see if do a one up for me ..
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