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Flight Doodle HD Gets A Halloween Update


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Halloween draws ever near, and the App Store is creaking like a skeleton’s knee joint under the weight of all the Halloween-themed updates and new apps being introduced on a daily basis. Flight Doodle HD for iPad (as well as the iPhone version) is one such app that has received the full-on Halloween treatment and then some, with the jack-o’-lantern balloon taking players on a spooky new Halloween adventure through the stormy night sky. Instead of cargo-dropping planes and rock-tossing pygmies, players get to take flight with ghosts, ghouls and zombies.

The new Halloween edition of the hot-air balloon game really goes to (Halloween) town on the scary themes, with rock-throwing zombie enemies, and obstacles such as pitchforks and falling black and orange tacks. You can even collect tools and power-ups dropped by a witch-on-a-broomstick. The environment has also been completely re-vamped (sorry!), with new Halloween-themed doodles and graphics, such as graveyards, haunted woods and abandoned cabins. Here’s Jeremy Adelman, Co-Founder of Eyedip, talking about the new Halloween edition of the game:

We love Halloween and like to think of this edition of Flight Doodle as an interactive haunted house in the sky. With the ‘Balloon Costume Contest,’ we want our loyal fans to claim this app as their own by giving them a stage to show off their Halloween-themed crafts. While the contest is running, we’ll be hosting the top costume in the app every day, and the winning balloons will be permanently added to the game!

Details on the Balloon Costume Contest to win an iPod touch that Adelman refers to can be found on Flight Doodle’s Facebook page, and you can download the new Halloween special version of the game here for $2.99/£1.79.

Source: Appular

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