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Get Professional-Quality Spooky Sounds for your Party With A Haunted Halloween HD

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Jun 7, 2010
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Halloween really is a huge event in the App Store, with so many games and apps getting special Halloween updates, and with this being the iPad’s first Halloween and all, developers are finding whole new ways to utilise the device’s unique properties. Take Shifting Blue, for example, whose A Haunted Halloween HD iPad app brings professional quality Halloween soundtrack creation to your iPad, taking full advantage of the device’s display and high fidelity audio capabilities. You can use it either as a really fancy interactive Halloween decoration in your house which is bound to be a talking point at any party, or if you’re someone who really likes to go to town with your Halloween parties, you can use the app as a professional soundscape generation tool.

The high-resolution animated Halloween landscape is populated with a cast of touchable Halloween characters, enabling you to interactively create and control spooky soundtracks for your festivities. More than just a collection of disparate sound effects, the app lets you layer assorted CD-quality sounds on top of one another, over a variety of eerie looping background sound tracks, with the aim of creating a customised and ever-changing cinematic Halloween soundscape.

The Autoplay mode can be easily configured to specify how often each sound should play over the background loops, so that the app can be left running unattended to create a constantly varying Halloween soundtrack.

Also, Shifting Blue points out that the app is family-friendly, as although the sounds are suitably eerie and a bit spooky, there’s nothing that represents violence or intense horror, so the app is appropriate for a wide range of audiences and party-goers.

You can download A Haunted Halloween HD here for $1.99/£1.19.

Source: Shifting Blue
If I want to hear spooky sounds, I will call my Dr. and get my latest test results!
Sorry, just trying to get into the "spirit" of things, whooooooh! :D If only I had my scary Halloween noise-making app, that would have been much more effective!

I love Halloween!
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