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Facebook app issue.


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Mar 13, 2013
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Not, sure if this is the right place to ask this, but hey ho.

Me and my wife both play Candy crush casually from our ipad. Before tonight, whoever wanted to play , would log into their facebook account, load up Candy crush, log out (via candy crush) then log back in, which would load up saved game from the facebook profile that was logged into.

Tonight however, we can`t do this anymore. No matter who is logged into facebook. Candy crush always connects to the facebook acount that is linked in Settings (cant have a 2nd facebook account linked for some reason).

As it is, it is my Facebook details that are saved in my ipad settings. So even if my wife logs into her facebook account on the ipad, whenever she logs out we always get the message (logged in as Gary - not you? ) and whenever we load up candy crush, even if my wife has logged herself in FB, it still loads up the saved game from my FB account (mine).

Sorry for the jargon, i hope someone understands the point im making. Just wondering if there`s a cure for this, or if someone knows whats happening.

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