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Facebook continually logs out?


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Apr 16, 2012
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Kirkby in Ashfield
Hi, my ipad2 is giving me problems with the Facebook App; it used to work perfectly with my wife's FB account but since I have set up my own account it keeps logging out every few seconds/ minutes or when I click on another page.
I have removed & reinstalled the FB App. Several times, cleared cookies, changed my password but nothing seems to work? If I try my my wife's account it works fine?

This is driving me nuts! Also when trying to log back in it will never work first time ( the little circle just keeps spinning) I have to click Edit & usually the second or third attempt logs in, Please help! TIA
I have now tried rebooting after removing the App. Then reinstalling it but still no joy! Can anyone please suggest something else to try?
I have the same problem! Logs me out after only a few minutes and then my log in hangs. I cant get in most of the time.
My husband had the same problems with the new iPad. We did all of the things you have done too. He ended up exchanging it for another one. You may need to contact fb, it's probably a problem with the app. Sorry I couldn't offer a solution .
Thanks for the replies, still not got anywhere, sent off to FB but no reply! it's now even worse because in addition & on average it now takes 12 attempts to log back in! :(
Fixed it! Found the answer from an iPhone user having the same problem. Solution; log out of FB on iPad & delete app. Log into FB on another pc, delete all active sessions, then on iPad reinstall the App. Job done works flawlessly !

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