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Multiple users on ipad2 64gb 3g


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Apr 27, 2012
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My wife and I have just aquired an iPad 2.

Brilliant bit of kit, but one problem were having, is there any way of having multiple accounts on one? Aside from the obvious problems such as having to log in/out of Facebook 20 times a day, we have a bigger one. My wife and I are from different countries, speak different native languages and Need the device set up different. She wants it on cyrillic text and Russian by default, myself English.

Im disappointed that with a £500 device there is no obvious way to do this easily. Is there a solution, or is it back to the shop to buy a laptop instead.

Help please.
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You will be out of luck unfortunately. Remember the iPad (and all tablets for that matter) runs a mobile operating system so it will lack some of the features of a regular pc.
My wife and I have the same Facebook issue, so what we did was, she logged into Facebook through the app and I logged in through safari, then I bookmarked the page. Now we are both happy.

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