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Apr 1, 2018
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I have an enormous collection of bookmarks, and I spend a lot of time keeping them organized by folder and subfolder. When bookmarks get really numerous– I have thousands – it isn’t enough to just list the name of the website and the URL. I also record many details, which can be very useful when I’m scrolling down the Bookmarks Menu list. The comments that I add allow me to differentiate bookmarks that have similar names. Also, I record information such as sub-webpages worth drilling down to, prices for product listings, the date an article was written, etc.

On my Mac, I could easily read all my comments because it gave me a full-page view of my bookmarks that was in list format. But on my iPad, I’ll click on the book icon (upper left) in order to call up a left sidebar that displays the Bookmarks Menu list. Alas, the space is so meagre on the sidebar, it shows just the beginning of the text of a typical bookmark! This is a truncated view, and all too often it means that one of my bookmarks can resemble others on the list. The only way I can read all of my comments is by going into edit mode. This takes a lot of time! It would be much easier if I could simply EXPAND the view of the Bookmarks Menu sidebar so the information is displayed in full-page format – and not be restricted to the left third of the page.

With a previous version of iOS, I could open a new tab and have the Bookmarks Menu displayed in full-page list view, which was great. (The display resembled what I would see on my Mac.) But with iOS11, my iPad only displays the Bookmarks Menu on the new tab page in grid view, with icons that take up a lot of screen space. Icons convey minimal information, and are really frustrating. I can only see all of the text in my bookmarks if I go into edit mode. But just like the bookmarks display that you get on the left sidebar, edit mode on the new tab page takes forever to access.

iOS 11 basically presents the worst of both worlds: you are given a choice of list view that lacks sufficient screen real estate, or lots of screen real estate that lacks list view. For power bookmarks users, both formats are terrible. It would be nice to be able to expand the left sidebar to full-page OR to convert the new tab display to list view (not grid view).

Is there a quick fix that I don’t know about? I checked the App Store, but didn’t find anything there that’s helpful.

Michael Black

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