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  1. ladymindful

    Icons on Lower bar

    I used to have my email icon on the lower part of my screen permanently. Now it is shifting out as I open other apps. Is there any way to make it permanent again? I took screenshots.
  2. Z

    Expanding the view of Bookmarks Menu

    I have an enormous collection of bookmarks, and I spend a lot of time keeping them organized by folder and subfolder. When bookmarks get really numerous– I have thousands – it isn’t enough to just list the name of the website and the URL. I also record many details, which can be very useful...
  3. G

    Video Icons Missing

    This problem has existed for me for a number of iOS revisions. I have copied 34 movies to my iPad via sync with my Windows 10 desktop iTunes. 4 of those movies are missing their icons on the iPad. On the desktop, they still have their icons. If I delete the movies on the iPad and do another...