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Exhaustive Forum search to no avail: Sync Bluetooth Mouse & Keyboard ipad2 4.3.3


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Oct 7, 2011
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Concord, California
Successfully jailbroken ipad2 4.3.3; BtStack mouse tweak allows use of Apple Bluetooth Magic Mouse but disables my Kensington Bluetooth keyboard. Any known way to sync both simultaneously???

(first post other than intro so sorry if posted in wrong forum/thread)

When you use btstack mouse, it disables the iPad's control of the bluetooth chip and takes over. So if you have connected the keyboard through Bluetooth in the settings app, when you open and enable btstack, it will disconnect with the keyboard.

Hopefully someone who knows how to run them both will come and help.
What about something like a micro BT keyboard/touchpad combo, has anyone tried one of these with any success? Since both are in the same device I was hoping one would work...costs like $40 or so on amazon.

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