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Email not using "Default" account


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Jan 27, 2012
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Ontario, Canada
I have an iPad 1 and iphone 3GS with 3 email accounts on them. One is a gmail account, one is the account through our ISP (Sympatico), and one is for our company domain (lensonlifephoto.com). We've always had to use the smtp server from Sympatico for our outgoing lensonlife mail and it's worked fine for 1-1/2 yrs on the iphone and 1 yr on the ipad. Since upgrading both to IOS 5 all mail sent from either device goes out as the sympatico acct, regardless of which acct I choose or what is set as default. From the desktop it still works as always. I've deleted and recreated the accounts and can't seem to find a cure. Any clues?

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