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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
Now that makes sense, I believe it was the reflection that contributed to the confusion.

Could this be an example of dead pixels on the iPad?

Seems unlikely. The screen appears to be off. Dead pixels would only show up if the screen were on.

Now if the screen is on, and just happens to be displaying all black, maybe. I'm not sure whether a dead pixels would show up as white in that case. It depends on the screen type, and I don't remember which screen type dose what with a dead pixel.

Brian 244

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Oct 20, 2014
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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
I have also removed the screen protector and cleaned the screen and applied another one which hasn't resolved the situation.


If you've removed the old screen protector and applied a new one, then I would say they are air bubbles or dust trapped under the screen protector. The only way that dust would get under the glass is at the factory or if the iPad was opened for repair.

I have an iPad 2 with 3 specks under the glass from the factory, only noticeable if you are looking for them.

I would recommend removing the screen protectors as they are a waste. They distort the image and it takes quite a bit to scratch the glass on your iPad. If those dots weren't there when you first got the iPad then they are on the outside of the glass.
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Feb 23, 2012
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Brisbane, Australia
The photo was taken with a phone. It looks like an Android device. What you are seeing is the phone that is taking a picture reflected from the iPad's dark (off?) screen. Because the phone is in focus (not the iPad), the dust is blurry and looks like little round spots.

Taking a picture of a dark iPad screen without including the frame is a lot like trying to take a picture of a mirror. Unless you've got some edges for context, you're essentially taking a picture of what the mirror is reflecting, with some blurry spots if the mirror is dirty.

Thanks for that explanation TP, that explanation seems to fit the picture at least. Well, if the iPad screen is off, then the white out of focus dots have to be either on the surface of the screen/screen protector reflecting the flash of taking the photo, or less likely something on the lens on the camera of the phone taking the photo. Being the OP sees it with the naked eye, must be the former.

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