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Copying my songs to newe ipad


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Jul 16, 2012
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Toms River NJ
Copying my songs to new ipad

Is there a simple way of transferring my songs on a PC to my ipad?
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The only way to do it on a stock device is by using iTunes on your PC. You must first put your music into the PC's iTunes library and then sync it with your iPad.
Many folks hate iTunes (I'm not one of them), but I would always recommend you at least get familiar with it and understand it's capabilities in relation to syncing media onto your iPad...

If you have decided you already hate iTunes and don't want to go that route, the only way to get access to alternative methods is to jailbreak your device and use a solution such as pwnTunes, which is $6.99 (with free trial) from Cydia, the jailbreak app store. That allows you to drag and drop music and other media onto the iPad as though it was a USB connected device without needing iTunes at all. Jailbreaking isn't for everyone, but head over to our Hacking Section if you want to find out more about it.

Hope that helps.
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In iTunes if you simply choose the menu File > Add to library, it should prompt you to point towards your existing music files. Choose the folder they are in and the rest should be automatic...

You can also use iTunes to sync ALL your photos onto your iPad, rather than folder by folder (which I note is one of your complaints from another thread).

It would probably be a good idea finding out all about iTunes :)
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While I have a knowlegable person available. How do I transfer photos from PC to ipad and are all photos only placed in one folder?
While I have a knowlegable person available. How do I transfer photos from PC to ipad and are all photos only placed in one folder?

Search is a wonderful thing! - iOS and iPod: Syncing photos using iTunes

Expand the first section and Scroll down to the section titled - "To sync photos from a folder on your hard disk to your device"

Apple provide far better instruction than I ever could...
Problem Syncing Music from iTunes Library to iPad (3rd Gen.) I have tried 3 times to sync my music from iTunes on my PC to my iPad. It shows that it is syncing, song by song, but yet, when it completes - there are no songs in Music. I have tried to restudy all the fact about doing this...and do everything I can think of - still no success. Thanks for your help in advance.

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