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Controlling 2 or more ipads with just one? [Mounted iPads in car]


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Jul 12, 2011
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Hello everyone,

I just got 2 of my iPads mounted on the front headrests for backseat entertainments. It has been really good until the kids wanted to watch the same movie at the same time, well that's easy, just unplug the earphones and connect one of the iPads audio output to the car's sound system via AUX-In line, locate the same movie on the iPads and click "play" on both simultaneously and tada! BUT what if one of the kids tries to pause or rewind a lil bit, one iPad immediately loses the audio sync with the other right away. I've done some google searches but no luck so far, has anyone done this b4? Is there such an application or sort of method to control the 2 Ipads at the same time? Sort of master and slave relation, the "slave" is locked and the master is the only one taking actions, just my thoughts.

Thank you for your time!

-Sam C

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