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iPad as Car Headset display unit


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Feb 7, 2016
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Hi All,

My queries/requirements are a bit different. Since this forum has lots of iPad enthusiasts, I am trying my luck to find the optimal solution to my needs.

Requirements: Yesterday night I was looking for car headrest DVD player for my 2 yr old kid. I came across few player providing USB/Micro SD input and screen size of 10 inch. They come along with remote and IR headset. They cost usually under $200

But later thought whether the same requirement can be met using a tablet. I am ready to shed more money (say around $300) for meeting such requirement via tablet. My requirements are:
  1. 10 inch tablet that plays movies from USB/micro SD card reader – Please let me know if there is any tablet that can play movies from USB flash drive/SD card. It shall have good resolution. Would prefer iPad, Samsung, Amazon fire etc.
  2. Car Headrest mount to hold tablet – Found many mounts on Amazon under $15.
  3. Tablet comes with remote to navigate across various apps/folder
  4. Support IR/Bluetooth headset

Thanks for your assistance.


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Aug 6, 2011
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Edmonton AB Canada
Personally, I'd go with the dedicated device. Attempting to recreate this on an iPad is going to be difficult, time-consuming and probably won't work. You may have more luck with Android tablets. They, at least, have SD card readers, which the iPad lacks. They also have a file system which is more likely to play your movie files. The iPad will demand that they are compatible with it's OS. You can't simply download extra codecs.

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