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Comcast E-mail & iPad Problem


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Jul 21, 2010
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I correctly synced my Comcast e-mail and iPad. I usually access my e-mail on my PC, though sometimes on the iPad. When I do look at mail on the iPad and then delete the piece of mail using the function on the iPad, it disappears from my iPad as expected. My problem is, that when I return to my PC, the e-mails that I did delete on my iPad are still on my computer in the inbox of my Outlook. Is there a way that, when I delete mail on the iPad, it also gets deleted on my PC (or doesn't even get sent to my PC) and vice versa?

When you delete and email from the iPad iPhone or ipod touch, the email is just deleted fr the device, not the server. Let me look around for that.
ipad removes from server but your outlook probably is set to save them and already downloaded the messages.

another thing you can check on your ipad email account under advanced is if the deleted mailbox is set to your ipad or server deleted mailbox. it should be set to server deleted mailbox by default.
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I trieed tampering on both sides.

I kept my fetch new data selection to push manually which i believe is default. Under my account in the advanced section, i set my deleted messages to be removed after one day. I set "delete from server" to "when removed from inbox" and my server port is 110 (didnt change that). There is also a selection for SSL but I don't think that pertains to my problem. I delete the mail on my iPad but on PC, its still there.

Any more help will be greatly appreciated thanks.
I use comcast too, and POP accounts download from the server to the computer or iPad, and then don't care about the email on the server anymore (for the most part).

If comcast supported IMAP, then you could have everything synced like that. Not sure how else to do it, but I'm sure someone else has ideas.
I have comcast as well. What I did to get around all of this was to use a gmail IMAP account. I set my comcast email to forward all email to my gmail account, which works perfectly. It also allows me to send/reply emails using my comcast email address.

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