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Comcast E-mail problem


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Mar 29, 2011
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Trying to sync our comcast email to show messages on pc (outlook) and ipad.
Set both outlook and ipad with same settings of port 110 and 587.
Set ipad to never delete from server and set outlook to leave copy on server
The problem is that I am getting messages on the Ipad not in outlook.
Or in outlook and not on the Ipad. Or sometimes I get them on both. It's not consistent.

Someone suggested to set up a gmail account and push comcast email through gmail. I did this and it still didn't work. I also notice that there was messages on gmail that didn't show up on the ipad or in outlook.

I am really confused. Can someone help! Boss is really getting anoid!
Does Comcast have an IMAP server? If it does use that setup instead of POP. It is much better at keeping mail straight on multiple devices.

And not having a Comcast account, that is about all the help (non-help) I can give.

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