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Cleaning the screen


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Apr 11, 2010
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Apple says NOT to use any liquid cleaner on the screen, just a dry cloth. Don't know about you guys but my screen gets reeeally covered in finger prints! I tried using just a cloth for cleaning my glasses but it really did less than a stellar job. I saw in this sight's store some iKlenz solution, microcloth and bag for $19.95. So is it or is it not safe to use lens solution and do I really need to spend $20 bucks? I know the coating may not take kindly to something like Windex but shouldn't any eyeglass or camera lens solution work? You guys using anything? Oh - and what about anti-glare protection? Just a few days with my 3G and I can see glare can be a bit of a hassle but I hate to lose that nice touch on the naked screen. Opinions?
I have a silk cloth i got with a pair of oakleys that works great.
I bought Rocketfish LCD cleaner/micro cloth at Best Buy. I use an anti glare screen protector that does a good job but it does get messy with fingerprints and a regular dry cloth doesn't work. But the manufacturer says I can use any household cleaner on the shield.
I just use a $2 microcloth windowcleaner cloth from Aldi. Works great and for about two months or so. Then I get a new one and use the old for its original purpose.
Check out 3M microfiber cleaning cloths. They have a smaller one that's for glasses and a larger one for tv's. I use the smaller glasses one and tuck it onto the apple case. Frequent wiping can help reduce build up.
I also just use a microfiber cloth and it does the job perfectly. The screen looks like new with just a few wipes.
I use a micro fiber cloth that came with my Monster flat screen cleaning kit. Never have a problem with it being clean. I also wash my hands every time I pick ip my iPad.
Thanks all. What about the the anti-glare? To or not to? Do you find it gets in the way with the "touchiness"?
I use a micro fiber cloth I got with a tablet pc years ago, it works great. You can pick up simular things at any BestBuy or any electronics store. I have also, in a pinch, used the cloth that came with my glasses.

My $.02
I don't have any more issues with glare or fingerprints since getting my Steinheil antiglare shield.

Now instead of cleaning it every few minutes (glass), I only wipe it down maybe once a day or every other day because you just don't get those obvious fingerprints with a decent shield.

I've had this same coating on my iPhone for almost 2 years now, and I've never had any issues with a reduced touch sensitivity either on the iPhone or now on the iPad. The colors still pop nicely as well. :)
I ordered a glare free protector for my Palm Pre and now I'm getting them for all my devices, like my DS XL, PSP and also for the Ipad. I also got one for my husband's NOOK and he loves it. Nothing worse than being in a brightly lighted room and see your smiling face in the screen. They also don't allow fingerprints to form which is great on the Palm Pre. I was forever wiping it down but not anymore.
It is really annoying to see fingerprints on your iPad screen. But I would prefer Windex in cleaning the screen of my iPad. It is safe to use and it is really gentle on my iPad's screen. I would just want to remind you that you must be careful on what solutions you will be using in cleaning your iPad because the iPad is fragile and I bet, you don't like to waste your money.

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